Norwalk, CA SEO: How to Let Customers Find You

Norwalk, CA SEO: How to Let Customers Find You

As a consultant providing Norwalk with SEO services here in California, my team and I work with small businesses like professional firms, clinics, restaurants, gift shops, in-home services, and many other businesses that serve the local community and are looking for help with content marketing and web design. Here are some of the guidelines to get you started with your SEO goals for your website.

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How People Discover Businesses Online

  1. Google Search / Google Maps
  2. Bing, Yahoo!, or Duck Duck Go
  3. Yelp App or website
  4. Other online directories (Yellow Pages, Classifieds, Craigslist)
  5. Instagram or local Facebook post
  6. Online referral or recommendation on social media or instant messaging

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Search Engine Optimization is About Getting Found on the Internet

If you’ve noticed any new businesses popping up and doing very well without the many years of reputation in doing business in Norwalk, they may be actually building a better reputation than you on the internet and you may not know it. You may not even be competing online and be relying only on old methods of marketing to conduct business.

SEO services are for business who currently have a website and want to promote their websites online. If you don’t have a website, but want to manage your online reputation, you may still get help with management of your Google Maps, Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor accounts, as well as your social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

If you don’t have a website, but are interested in having one built, congratulations! Websites can be utilized to make sales for you, to schedule appointments, to answer your customer’s questions, and for an easy way for customers to find you and contact you directly. In this fast-pace world, websites are an essential part of having a business that deals with customers that are trying to find you online.

Common Misconceptions with Social Media and Small Businesses

Most advice you find on the internet suggests that you have to be on every social media platform or else you’ll be falling behind. This is far from the truth.

I’ve worked with small tour and travel agencies where their biggest platforms were referral bases, followed by Google searches, and then TripAdvisor. Far behind on the list, we found Facebook and Instagram. Had these agencies continued spending money on Facebook/Instagram platforms, their would’ve been throwing their money away on ad spend.

You may be familiar with some of the bakeries in Norwalk, CA, who serve stunning cake designs. These have been gaining a lot of popularity on Instagram and Facebook, and if they were to focus on Instagram local ads, they would see results almost immediately with increased, track-able business that could result in some serious growth in revenue.

What works in California may not work in Hawaii, and what works in the U.S. definitely does not always work in South America, as we have some clients in tours and hospitality there to understand that Google does not have such a strong impact there, unless you’re dealing with foreigners familiar with the search engine. Locals primarily search on Facebook for products and services

Analyze How Your Customers Search for Products or Services

Analyze how your customers search for you or find out about you in the first place. For a landscaping business, you may be searching for homeowners or landlords. Do your customers speak only English? Is their primary language Spanish? Once you have as much information about your customers as possible, you can begin figuring out how they find out about you.

I, for example, go straight to Google and find what I’m looking for. Then, I see where they are on the maps section, click it, find their website or phone number, and I’m set. If I’m looking for an address, I typically go straight to Google Maps and find them that way. You need to make yourself as easy to find as possible.

The whole process from when a customer begins to look for a service you’re offering, like pest control or food delivery, until they come in through your doors to make a purchase or request part of the customer’s journey and what every smart marketing team becomes fully aware of to keep bringing customers through their doors.

For certain customers, they may remember signage while driving around Norwalk, and then remember a certain place that “was around here somewhere..” and then they find it and walk in

Younger Clientele or Are They Older?

Generation gaps are easy to figure out, as they have vastly different ways of getting in touch with you. Older customers may have no problem with calling you, but younger people would much rather send you a message on IG (Instagram) or send you a message through Yelp to schedule an appointment.

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