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Is your business looking for SEO Marketing in Norwalk CA?

For growing businesses in Norwalk, California, there are several options when it comes to digital strategy and online advertising. Having a good understanding of these options will help you maximize your advertising efforts and increase your revenue.

Options for Growing Businesses

If your business is getting started with their digital presence, you’ll get a good idea on where to begin after reading this. If your business is already online, feel free to skip this part. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service that improves your website’s on-page content in order to get you found online in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is marketing that is done through paid advertising in Google’s ad space (AdWords) or Bing. The two are performed around search engines, but are not the same.

If your business already has a website, it should be checked to see if you’re appearing on Google’s services, since they can bring many potential customers to your business.

We’ll look at a real life example. Suppose you’re looking to maximize the amount of customers that come to Tam’s Burgers through SEO marketing in Norwalk, California.

A Proposed Digital Strategy for Tam's Burgers

A screenshot of

Where to Begin with Search Engine Marketing

  1. See the current status of the website, and check how well it is doing by using the amount of visitors that the website is receiving, how they’re arriving to it, and what marketing strategies are in place.
  2. Analyze your current competition by searching for what you offer. I searched for “burger” and got the following:

This gives you a pretty good idea on where your business stands with the service that you’re offering. Of course, there are many other food items that Tam’s can compete with, with terms like breakfast foods, where to eat, affordable lunches, and many, many more. The competition in the morning may not include In-N-Out since we all know that they open at 11am.

By keeping careful watch on how well your website is doing online, and letting your website do its job, you can increase business by taking advantage of search engines and letting your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

What About Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram?

Having a social media strategy is important as well, but it is not a form of SEO marketing. A good way to measure the results of your social media efforts is to have a common online place for your customers, which ideally would be your website.

When you advertise on Facebook or Instagram, Facebook provides you with reports that tell you how many people clicked on your profile or gave you a call, and you get charged. This is paid advertising. Search engine optimization helps to get you found when someone searches for your service on Google, whether that’s with Siri on iPhone, Voice Assistant, or Google Maps. When done correctly, search engines can create a stable source of traffic to your website that costs absolutely nothing to maintain, unless you are looking for growth or are facing competition that is increasing their online efforts.

How to Get Started with SEO Marketing

If you are looking for search engine optimization for your existing website, give me a call or send me a message through Cov Digital’s contact page, and we can get started with an initial consultation to see if SEO is the best option for you right now.

If you’re not sure if an SEO professional is the best option for you and want to do some more research, feel free to check out Google’s SEO help page.

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